Washitsu (Japanese Style Room)

  • Washitsu 1 (8-tatami mats)
  • Washitsu 2 (8-tatami mats)
  • Washitsu 3 (4.5-tatami mats and 3-tatami mats)
  • A traditional Japanese style room where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the garden. This provides the perfect atmosphere for holding meetings and parties. (Reservation required for any activities)
  • Using the Facility
Washitsu 1, 2, 3 (from front to back)
Washitsu 1
Washitsu 3

Hiroma (Open Area)

  • Hiroma (21-tatami mats)
  • While appreciating the atmosphere of the Washitsu that is furnished with a sunken kotatsu-style table, this is an ideal area for casual gatherings.
    (Reservation is required to use this area)
  • Using the Facility
Pot Luck Party
Pot Luck Party
Meetings of Exchange Groups
Meetings of Exchange Groups

Free Space

  • Free Space (24㎡)
  • No reservation necessary for using this space. Feel free to come in at anytime.
    (This space cannot be used for events or activities.)
Free Space1
Free Space2

Mini Gallery

  • Mini Gallery (All-purpose Area) (22㎡)
  • The gallery is a space that has been renovated from an old, mud-walled warehouse. The gallery is also equipped with audio facilities.
    (Reservation is required for the usage of the gallery area, but feel free to have a look at the various items on display)
  • Using the Facility
Layout of the Salon Event/Exhibition Access Map
Gallery Using the Facility Salon’s Garden