Using the Facility

The Washitsu (Japanese style room), Hiroma (Open Area) and the Mini Gallery Hall are available for rent.

Examples of events

Presentations and activities held by International Exchange Organizations. Regular presentations; activities; exhibitions and exchange events, etc.
Presentations and exhibitions held by Cultural Groups. Small performances of traditional Japanese music and western music as well as art exhibitions can be held in the Mini-Gallery. Traditional Japanese activities, for example poetry meetings and tea ceremonies can also be held in the Washitsu.
Introducing traditional art forms and music from Japan and around the world. The Mini-Gallery can be used as a theatre.

Rental Fee

Room Size Cost per hour
Washitsu 1 8-tatami mats ¥200
Washitsu 2 8-tatami mats ¥200
Washitsu 3 3-tatami and 4.5-tatami mats ¥200
Hiroma 21-tatami mats with Hori-Kotatsu ¥500
Mini Gallery Hall
(All Purpose)
23㎡ ¥500

  Discount and exemption to the above fees will be given if the principle purpose of the planned activity is to carry out international exchange.

Please understand the terms and conditions of use before using the facility. For more information, please inquire with the Salon.

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  • [ Hours ] 10:00 ~ 18:00 (10:00 ~ 20:00 on Fridays and Saturdays)
  • [ Holidays ] Mondays, December 29th ~ January 3rd
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