FAQ List

1 Do you have a breakdown list of foreign nationals living in Ishikawa?
2 How do I obtain a visa?
3 Do you offer translation/interpretation services?
4 How can I have foreigners/exchange students sent over for international understanding purposes?
5 I would like to know about famous tourism spots and events in Ishikawa/Kanazawa.
6 Where can I learn Japanese in Ishikawa?
7 Can I obtain a Student Visa if I take Japanese lessons at IFIE?
8 Can you help me find a host family during my stay in Kanazawa (or during the period of my study with the Japanese Studies Center)?
9 What should I do if I want to teach Japanese?
10 If I would like to interact with foreigners, where should I start?
11 Does IFIE offer any Japanese cultural classes for foreigners?
12 I would like to apply for the Foreign Language Classes, when do you start accepting applications?
13 Can I make copies of foreign videos?
14 Can I get a copy of the foreign newspapers from your library?
15 Is there any way where I can obtain IFIE's events information on a regular basis?
16 Can we borrow projectors when we are using one of the classrooms?
17 Can I print something out from the computers at the International Information Library internet corner?
18 Can we take ID photos at the Passport Center next to IFIE?
19 Are there any places in the vicinity where I can buy stamps/postcards?
20 What should a foreigner who does not speak Japanese do in case of an accident or injuries?
21 Do you know of any programs that will allow me to study Japanese while doing home-stay with a host family in Ishikawa?

For Inquiry

Ishikawa Foundation for International Exchange
3/F Rifare Bldg., 1-5-3 Hon-machi, Kanazawa 920-0853
TEL:076-262-5931  FAX:076-263-5931