Facilities on the 3rd Floor

the 3rd Floor Map Ishikawa Japanese Studies Center Room11 Room12 Room10 Passport Center International Information Library Ishikawa Foundation for International Exchange (IFIE) Ishikawa Foundation for International Exchange (IFIE) Free Space Salon

Free Space Salon

  • This facility can be used for international exchange activities.
  • International Exchange Bulletin Board
    Information about international exchange such as events and language exchange meetings is posted on the Bulletin Board.
    To post information on the bulletin board, please apply through Ishikawa Foundation for International Exchange.

Passport Center

Ishikawa Foundation for International Exchange (IFIE)

  • IFIE is the hub of providing international information services and is engaged in the planning and support of international exchange/international cooperation and a number of other constructive activities, with the aim of creating a bridge between the people of Ishikawa and foreigners.

Ishikawa Japanese Studies Center

International Information Library

  • Hours 9:00 ~ 18:00 (9:00 ~ 17:00 on weekends and holidays)
  • Magazines, newspapers from overseas and books on international exchange and cultural affairs are available for you to enjoy at the Library. You can borrow the materials to read at your convenience. The Library also provides free internet service and a video corner, as well as information related to study abroad.
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Classrooms and Staff Rooms

  • Besides being used as regular lecture rooms for the Japanese Studies Program, local international exchange organizations can also utilize these rooms for international exchange activities.
    3F:Room 10; Room 11; Room 12
    4F:Room A, B, C; Room 1 (A/B); Room 2 (A/B); Room 3 (A/B); Room 4 (A/B); Room 6; Room 7; Room 9; Staff Room 2 and Staff Room 3
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